VRchat Rawrgon avatar by GamblerPlay

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I made this 3.0 Avatar Model for Vrchat, the Rawrgon!

The Rawrgon is a species that I made inspired by my fursona


-The avatar is packaged in Unity 2021.4.31

-The overall perfomance of the avatar is very poor

-This avatar is not quest compatible-You have to import the SDK3 and the Dynamic bones before import the Unity package

-The model will receive many small updates during the first few weeks to accommodate adjustments and add small details

The Rawrgon includes:

  • Blender file and Unity setup package

  • Full body tracking compatiblity

  • 2 pre-designed skins and 1 experimental/exclusive for Vrchat of 4096x4096

  • Dynamic bones on ears, hair, cheeks, tongue, nose, fur and tail with hand colliders

  • Visemes to talk, 5 Hand gestures expressions and 6 toggle expressions from menu

  • A Tail Puppet menu and an AFK pose

  • Toggleable fur and hair

Terms of Service

O You can:

-Customize shape keys, animations, textures and modify the model

-Make and sell texture commissions to someone who also purchased the model

O You can not:

-Remove my info card in the avatar (Be careful to remove it when retexturing because its included in the texture)

-Sell the model/Claim the model is yours

-Completely modify the model and sell this model or claim it as yours

-Take parts/files of the model and sell them

-Make gore of the species/model

If you find any problems, bugs or you have questions please DM me via Discord (GamblerPlay#1499) to continue improving the model!

And your avatar when uploading it please make it private, but if you want to make it public, ask me first ^^


I want this!

The Unity package has the poiyomi shader for the configurations so the file is a bit big and everything is ready to use

113 MB


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VRchat Rawrgon avatar by GamblerPlay

3 ratings
I want this!